JDBC Adapter appending characters to SQL

My project used the 6.0 Upgrade Tool to migrate an Enterprise Server DbAdapter service to IS 6.x JDBC adapter service. A visual inspection of the SQL that was migrated shows that the SQL looks right but when the service is tested it fails because a period and a double quote are appended to the end of the SQL statement. (.") This causes Oracle to return an “invalid column” error that identifies " as the invalid column.

JDBC adapter services created from scratch with the Select template appear not to have this issue.

Any ideas? We’re continuing to isolate the problem.


Looks like this error was caused by using an incorrect value when testing. Some layer of the adapter appended the ‘."’ to the SQL statement which resulted in the “invalid column” error. Running the test with the right data worked.

Neither the Dynamic SQL template nor the WM6 Upgrade Tool were part of the problem.