JDBC adapter and timestamp


I have problem with JDBC adapter. I have a timestamp field in the DB and when I
create a select service it puts column type as timestamp which is ok
but for the JDBC type it puts other.

IS version is 6.1 running on windows, JDBC adapter version is 6.0.3.
JVM is 1.4.2. JDBC jar file is ojdbc14.jar.

Any help



which Oracle Version are you using (Server and Driver)?

Can you try to change the Output type to “java.lang.String”?


What is the output type you are getting it as?

If you see, it should be able to show you multiple data type options, such as timestamp, java.lang.String, java.utils.Date etc. Have you tried it to be retrieved as java.utils.Date?

Oracle version is, driver, I took the driver
from oracle9i\ora92\jdbc\lib.

For the output list I can only see: java.lang.String and java.lang.Object.


can you try to use a newer driver version available from http://technet.oracle.com/

Current Drivers. which should be working, are and all 10g Drivers.

I would prefer the 10g Drivers, as they have some performance increasements and an extended LOB-support especially for the Thin Mode.

It seems that JDBC-Type OTHER is normal for column type TIMESTAMP.
Try to select the java.lang.String as format for input/output field in the adapter service�s signature, as this is easier to deal with in the flow services.


issue has been addressed in wmusers forum