JDBC adapter and Sybase stored procedure

Has anyone tried the JDBC adapter to invoke a sybase stored proc (doing select, update inside)? All the stored procs we have in sybase are in the unchained mode but once the JDBC adapter is trying to call a stored proc it will receive an exception “may be run only in unchained transaction mode…” For varies reasons, we can’t change the mode to anymore. And the problem I know because the JDBC adapter is doing auto-commit inside which does not work well with unchained stored proc. Has anyone encountered something like that? Is this a JDBC adapter bug or Sybase bug?


I am having this same issue, did you ever resolve this? If so, how?


If you cannot set the procs to unchained mode then you will need to set the JDBC adapter to NO_TRANSACTION.

We changed the Stored Procedure Mode to Any.