JDBC Adapter and MS SQL server

Creates JDBC connection. When trying to enable connection get this error

Error encountered
[ART.118.5042] Adapter Runtime (Connection): Unable to enable connection resource wmtest:test.
[ART.118.5036] Adapter Runtime (Connection): Unable to configure connection manager.

I have include the MSSQL driver jar files(3) in the classpath of IS. When I see them in the about page.

I followed the step as per JDBC pdf.
Webmethods 6.0.1 SP2
MS SQL 2000
WIN 2000
JDBC Adpater 6.0.3

I don’t know what is wrong on your end. We once used the microsoft jar but now we use this:

DataDirect Connect JDBC SQL Server Driver

with this url:


our server is “sql” and our db is “webMethods601”

And it has been working for over 6 months.

I am trying to connect sql server through JDBC adpater.
Not through WmDB.

If that comment was for me then I am confused. I in no way referenced WmDB. We use a SQL Server url and the SQL Server driver.

You should go to Settings -> JDBC Pools to make sure that your IS can talk with SQL Server. There is a Test button (green arrow) that lets you know it is ok.

I was mistaken about the MS JDBC Driver. We do you it for Development connections. our DataSource Class string is:


to reference the needed database.

Try this



the problem, cannot be solved yet. I am using win XP SP2. enabled the ports for MSSQL server. even then, still unable to connect to the database