JDBC Adapter 603 Modifying adapter services to use different connection

I’ve seen this question posted a few times, but never any good answers.

The default behavior seems to be that once you create a JDBC adapter service using an existing connection, you can’t modify that service to use a different connection.

Two questions:

  1. Is there a good reason for this constraint? [*]Is there a workaround that allows you to modify a JDBC adapter service’s adapter connection



I think this problem has been addressed in wM6.1. At least the release note claims this.



We’re using 6.1 and the JDBC Adapter 6.03. The problem still exists. What part of the 6.1 release notes are you referring to?


In 6.1 we can change the adapter connection for a service.Pls use
pub.art.service:setAdapterServiceNodeConnection for the same.



i am also looking at such workaround,if its possible i can avoid duplication of most of my adpater services.



The following text was spotted in webMethods_Integration_Server_Enhancements_and_Fixes_6.1.htm

During design-time, new services allow you to change the connection associated with an adapter service, listener, or polling notification instead of having to delete and recreate the adapter component to use a different connection.


Ashok and Prabhu,

First, thanks for the quick replies!

What I think you are pointing out is that, starting with release 6.1, there is a new service pub.art.service:setAdapterServiceNodeConnection that can be used to manually change the connection associated with a JDBC adapter service (probably any adapter service based on the 6.x ART). The inputs of this new service are serviceName and connectionAlias.

Set the value of serviceName to the fully qualified name of the adapter service that you want to change. Set the value of connectionAlias to the fully qualified name (not alias) of the new JDBC adapter connection that you want to use.

Refresh your Developer session to confirm that the change has taken place.

It’s nice to have this workaround. It would be even nicer to have it built into the Admin UI or, even better, directly into the Developer tool.



Anyone tried it?

I am getting following error:
Could not run ‘setAdapterServiceNodeConnection’.
com.wm.app.b2b.server.ServiceException: [ART.114.240] Adapter Runtime (Metadata): Parameter missing: designTimeLocale.


I finally got it. I was originally trying to change it for a service built with upgrade utility. It didn’t work.

Then I tried with one that I built anew. It worked.

Then I tried with my original service built using upgrade utility, it worked.

Does someone know, if there are any issues that you can face with code generated using upgrade utility? how different is that code from the code that we create?

Hi All,

I have tried usin this service from wm 6.5 onwards. Works brialliantly. Just provide the fully qualified name of adapter service and connection. Execute this service and refresh session. BINGO!!! Connection changed.

Almost tried with around 100 JDBC Services.

Ashish Arya