JDBC 603 current schema for DB2

We are currently using DB2 7.01 for OS/390, connection using the JDBC 6.0.3 adapter on webMethods 6.1. Currently, we’re connecting using the DB2 app driver (we can’t use the net driver). We can connect just fine, but we cannot set the current schema value in the Other Properties of the JDBC adapter set up. We’ve tried to use both the currentSchema and currentSQLID property, but neither works. Has anyone been able to set up the JDBC connection for DB2 and get the current schema property set correctly?

Did you try the JDBCAdapter FP1 for 6.0.3

This is what I’ve found regarding connections to DB2 7.x on OS/390 via the JDBC 6.0.3 adapter:

  1. You cannot use <current-catalog>.<current-schema>.<tablename> with DB2 7.x on OS/390 in adapter services UNLESS your username matches your schema/qualifier name.

  2. This occurs with all of the following drivers: Datadirect Connect JDBC 3.3, IBM Type 4 Universal JCC and the IBM Type 2 driver

  3. The end result of this is that if qualifiers/schemas change between environments [Dev/test/prod] then after deployment all select/insert/update/delete/stored procs will require manual updating of the table name setting

  4. CustomSQL and DynamicSQL services can be deployed between environments without the manual updates by setting the database connection property currentSQLID [with the IBM Type 4 driver anyway]