JDBC 6.0 adapter to AS400

Has anyone configured the JDBC 6.0 adapter with IS 6.0 connected to IBM AS/400 using IBM or other supplied jdbc drivers (e.g. jtopen/jt400.jar) ?

Please post your configuration.

JDBC 6.0/6.0.1 adapter only supports oracle and mssql database. It is JDBC 6.0.2 adapter supports on IBM db2 which is the IS/JDBC adapter on AS400 and DB2 database on AS400/OS390 using jt400.jar/db2java.zip.

JDBC Adapter Connection
Package Name JdbcDB2Test
Connection Properties
Transaction Type XA_TRANSACTION
DataSource Class com.ibm.as400.access.AS400JDBCXADataSource
serverName 172.22.x.xxx
user somebody
password ******
Other Properties
Connection Management Properties
Enable Connection Pooling true
Minimum Pool Size 1
Maximum Pool Size 10
Pool Increment Size 1
Block Timeout (msec) 1000
Expire Timeout (msec) 3600000


What do you mean when you say JDBC adapter verison 6.0.2. I’m not aware of anything after 6.0.1. How do I get access to it or documentation on it.


The JDBC 6.0.2 adapter is not available just yet.

i’m curious. i’m using wM 4.6. can the JDBC adapter in 4.6 be used to connect to AS/400?

Yes, indeed it can - make sure you use the right driver for DB2 and you should be on your way.

i am on 4.6 and got the JDBC adapter running with my AS400/DB2 using the jt400native.jar. But i still have some problems. i want to use the updatenotificatiion templates form the udapter but it seems that these functions are not supported with as400/DB2. Does onyone now how to achieve a record change (update/add/delete) on an as400/db2 tables ???

Andreas Fritzenwallner
XPI/WM 4.6
OneWorld Xe


Are you using wM Enterprise? If so, one solution is to use a JDBC custom operation that calls a Stored Procedure. The Stored Procedure can do an add/update/delete or whatever you need to do on your target tables.

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I managed to use JDBC adapter 6.0.2 to connect to DB2 in AS400. but, i have data conversion issue.
what i tested is i created a simple insert service using the InsertTemplate.

  1. i have a string input field, i can’t insert the value ‘AP’, but it is okay for the value from ‘AA’ till ‘AF’
  2. the data inserted into the database is not in readable by the AS400 system

what should i do to solve this??


from toolbox helppages:

Why is the Toolbox JDBC returning EBCDIC characters to my Java program?
Normally, the Toolbox JDBC driver will translate EBCDIC characters to Unicode Strings automatically. If it appears to be returning untranslated EBCDIC characters instead, then it is likely that the field in the OS/400 database is tagged with CCSID 65535. The Toolbox JDBC driver recognizes this CCSID as a field that should not be translated. To avoid this behavior, tag fields on the server that you want to be translated, with a valid CCSID. Alternately, you can set the “translate binary” connection property to “true”, which instructs the JDBC driver to translate all fields, including those tagged with CCSID 65535. The easiest way to do this is to add
“;translate binary=true”
to the end of the URL used when connecting to the database.

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Sander Brinkhuis


i did look into setting the translate binary to true option.
but where can i set it in the webmethods JDBC connection configuration page? i tried to set it into the other properties column, but is not working… any ideas?


Try this as a connection string - I used it with 4.6 for ES, not IS, however, it should work:

jdbc:as400://ZATAS1/OSLS2F3;date format=iso;time format=iso;translate binary=true;transaction isolation=none

At the JDBC Adapter connection page, you can set additional parameters in the
other property field.

For “translate binary”, you need to set it in the Other Property field with: