JDBC 6.0.3 adapter service does not work in Flow Service


      I am having a weird problem with JDBC adapter 6.0.3,

Env. details:

wM 6.1 IS_6-1_FP2, IS_6-1_SP1 (O/S : Windows 2003) both wM and Adapter

Adapter details and Connection properties:

JDBC 6.0.3
DataSource Class : com.ibm.db2.jcc.DB2DataSource
Transaction Type : LOCAL_TRANSACTION
Other Properties driverType=4

Database details:

Database : DB2 - UDB 8.1 (O/S : AIX 5.3)

I have a Adapter Service - CustomSQL for SELECT operation, which outputs number of records for a particular WHERE clause. This adapter service works nicely and produces correct output when testing seperately.

But, the same adapter service when used in Flow Service does not produce any result. It returns No Records i.e, count as 0.


SELECT count(*) FROM facility where failicty_id = ? AND tc_company_id = ?

JDBC Input Type Input Field Type Input Field

VARCHAR java.lang.String facility_id
INTEGER java.lang.String tc_company_id

JDBC Output Type Output Field Type Output Field

Integer java.lang.String RecordCount

What funny here is, when I HARD-CODE the field tc_company_id inside flow service, it returns correct result. Whereas, when this field is mapped from a Input field (of String datatype) within flow, adapter service executes and return 0 records.

I tried various combinations before passing to adapter service like trimming input value, converting String to Integer.

I have issues only with the field which is of INTEGER datatype.

Could anyone provide some hint or suggestion in solving this. I would greatly appreciate it.