JBoss AS 7.1 Resource Adapter for webMethods Broker


my contractor uses the webMethods Broker and the webMethods ESB as infrastructure for messaging in its enterprise. They are using the webMethods Broker 8.2.
My job is to develop a system which communicates with the internals of the enterprise through the ESB Broker.
It is also required, that the developing system runs on a JBoss AS 7.1 with EJB 3.1.

I was able to develop successfully some standalone applications, which can publish some messages on the ESB for test purposes. They use the wm-jms libraries and work very well.

Now for the next step, I wish to do the same in a JEE environment, specifically in JBoss AS 7.1.
Is there any possibility to configure a Ressource Adapter for the webMethods Broker in the AS?
I tried already to deploy the resource adapter package webm-jmsra.rar with version but it could not be deployed.

Is it possible at all to deploy the resource adapter in JBoss? is it compatible with the AS 7.1?
Is there any extra configuration needed?

Is there any other solution known for the integration of an application running on JBoss as a Broker client?

I would appreciate any help :wink:

Thanks in advance,


JBoss is a supported app server and you will find some samples on configuration in the admin guide.