JBoss 6 is not closing JMS connections


our partner has updated its Jboss 5 to Jboss 6.

Since then we are noticing a larger number of vclients on our Broker with Application Name JMS##Connection.
This number is increasing.
Additionally in the Broker Server-Log there are larger number of warnings that the connections are discarded as they are not responding to keep alive requests.

Broker 9.5 SP1 Fix4 with Broker Java API 9.5 SP1 Fix1
Jboss 6 is using webmjms.rar from Broker Java API 9.5 SP1 Fix1

I have already checked the readmes for Broker Fix6 and Java API Fix2, but there are no entries related to this.

Any ideas why the connections are not closed properly and how to get them closed after the message has been published from Jboss 6 to Broker?


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Meanwhile we found out that this occurs approx. every 12 hours.

Additionally I came across the thought that it is not the real JMS connection but the JNDI-Connection used by WmJMSNaming.

We have switched JNDI-Repository from SUN-FlatFile to WmJMSNaming together with the JBoss Update.

Broker will be updated to Fix6 and Java API Fix2 soon.

Lets see if this helps.


Unfortunately Updating the Broker and Java API on webMethods Server did not solve the issue.

It is still existing.

Any ideas anyone?