javascript to get the value of async command URl

I have a requirement where i want to take a value of URL on click and set the value to input text .
After on click the value of the url should be changed.

thanks ,
rajesh kumar

I might not fully understand your question, but while it is pretty easy to get the Value of any CAF.model in javascript, you can also do this with Script Controls.
Please have a look at the attached project. Enter some text and click the button. You’ll see that both the value of the Link as well as the Text has been updated.

–mark (11.5 KB)

Thanks mark, it was helpful…
You taking the value from text input and setting it to link . But i want to take a value of link and place it to the text input. I tried writing a javascript to getValue of link but its throwing is null or not an object.


i was trying to get the value of async command link which is null. So is null or not an object error was thrown.
Actual it is the label of the async command link which was required.
so i changed my javascript to fetch the label. It worked fine.