JavaioFilePermision Error


i have written a Common Operation java code which reads values from a text file . When this code is executed outside WM environment it works fine. When it run from WM enterprise server if says acess denied ( )
error. i have set the access in the java.policy file of
c:/wment41/java/jre/lib/security folder as

permission “file:$c:/wment41/classes/-”,“read,write”.

Still i get the same error, Can any one help me in this ,suggesting which is the policy file, i need to set this permission.


Hi, Murali:

Are you calling your common operation from an integration component based on an adapter from EI? If so, try the following:

Go to the Adapter_Configuration tool, open the adapter properties of your adapter and find Java tab. From there, uncheck “Enable Script Security” box. Hope this will solve your problem.

Good luck!