Java Web Service

I am using bea weblogic IDE and server.
My Requirement is…

  1. Input is a SOAP based XML
  2. Complex business process
  3. Output is SOAP based XML
    Now I have completed the 2nd part and for Input and output is webservice.
    When I am trying to fire the URL I am getiing 1 text box to paste the input SOAP and 1 button with the methos name. But at the time of result it is showing the internal method call inputs and outpus and at the end the soapbased XML. I dont want it to be like that. So is there any way so that I can have…
    1…JSP/HTML which have 1 textbox to get the soap based xml and
    2…1 jsp/html which will show the output xml only

Thanks in advance…:slight_smile:


wMUsers is a webMethods software user’s group. Nothing in your post refers to using webMethods products.

You’ll have better luck on your Weblogic Workshop questions in the BEA DEV2DEV Web Services area.