Java SXS : setting System Property

Hello there !!

I would like to know, how one could define System properties passed to the server extension.

eg : -Dconf.dir=/etc/conf/toto

I could not find out an appropriate field into the SMH user interface to fill in this information.

Thanks in advance.

Bertrand Martel
Software AG France

Hi Bertrand,

you can set JVM options via the System Management Hub, in Tamino/Databases//Properties/X-Tension/X-Tension Java Options.

  • the options given here are valid for all Server Extensions of this database
  • the database has to be restarted (to restart the JVM)
  • the first character of the string is the ‘separator character’ to be used to separate different options in this string. I usually use the blank, so your string would run ’ -Dconf.dir=/etc/conf/toto’

Best regards

Julius Geppert
Quality Engineer Tamino

Thank you very much Julius !

Bertrand Martel
Software AG France