java.sql.Clob is not visible in Adapter service

Hi all,
I have Storeprocdure which takes the CLOB as input, Created a adaper service to call the SP. But the Input parameter “Input Field Type” is getting set to java.sql.Struct instead of java.sql.Clob.
In the drop down to change the input type filed also the Clob is not listed(Pls refer the attachment). Can some one help me on this.

This is what I have in IS admin console: - Adapters > JDBC Adapter > About
JDBC Adapter Version: 6.5
Updates:JDBC_6-5_Fix25 WmJDBCAdapter_JDB_733

Is this issue resolved?javascript:void(0);

Your JDBC adapter is lacking a fix level. What is your current installed fix level?

Which wM Version are you using?

You should at least update to Fix45 or newer.

If you are using wM 9.0 or newer you might consider an upgrade to Adapter for JDBC 9.0.