Java service to update Service property of invoke step

Hi ,
Can anyone help me in writing a javaservice which takes input as 2 strings which are namespaces and replace the sevice property of invoke step of services which has first namespace with the second one.

WM version please.


Hi Rankesh Kumar,
Its 8.2.2 version.

Hi Sham,

I did some homework on this requirement and requirement looks interesting and compelling.

I tried some hands on… I able to achieve a little out of your requirement.

What not able to cover:

  1. Everything using java
  2. Unable to update the permissions section of properties of service as it is not defined in node.ndf [Curious to know where it is stored? Is in under config? Under hidden files? Hashed? Any hint?

This package need lot more improvements, but could be a good starting point. *** This is definitely not for production use ***


Rankesh (18.8 KB)

Hi Rankesh,

the permissions should be stored in the config-Folder of IS in files named acl*.cnf.


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Thank you Mr. Holger.

It is aclmap_sm.cnf in wm IS 8.2.2