Java service and threads


I need to create java service that will spawns (pool) of threads (listeners). Is this allowed?

Is it possible to leverage IS thread pool and use those threads?


Can I use

in java services without problems?

What are you trying to accomplish by directly using the IS thread pool? I’m not sure ThreadManager is a public class to be used by customer code. If you describe your scenario perhaps we can come up with a way to do what you need using public facilities.

Well I need to write an adapter that listens 3rd party middleware which does not have prepared adapter by webMethods or any other third party. Its a kind of a messaging system, I need to create message dispatchers that will deliver messages from other environment to webMethods (Broker). Thanks.

Two approaches come to mind:

  • Use the ADK to create a proper adapter. Then developers can create adapter triggers, services and such to do whatever is appropriate with the messages–whether that is direct processing or publishing to Broker or writing to a DB or whatever.

  • Use the API of the middleware and the Broker API (or the JMS API with Broker as a provider) to create a message bridge between the two.