Error in Connectors

Hi All,

We are writting Flow service to invoke web servies of one website.
We are using connectors for this purpose. This site is using userid and password for security purpose.
Before invoking web service, we are setting userid, password and url.
But when I run my flow service it gives me error like : HostName

Where my url is like http://hostname/abcd
I am able to invoke web services using same url in our java program using stub ( Simple java program and not WM java Method) .
Also if i put same url in browser, it opens the login page of site.
So url is correct.

Can anybody please help me to identify whats the exact problem?
Do I need to set some settings? and How?

Thanks & Regards,

How many network interfaces does your server running IS have?
Maybe HOSTNAME changed after IS was started and Java cache doesn’t know from that host?

What about if you modify URL from HOSTNAME to IPADDRESS?