When my IS starts as an NTservice I get this error when running Java services, however when I start it using server.bat all Java services run fine.

Obviously the JAVA_DIR env variable is set OK in server.bat but where is this set when running as an NT service? There is a file called ini.cnf is this the spot?


Rob Earnshaw

Has any one got any ideas on this one

If not I’ll have to log a Service call



Maybe someone can let me know if I solved this the right way.

I made modification to the SERVER.BAT file in the lines below " rem … Be careful with changes below this line" to export the set environment variables
( set > c:\envsettings.txt ). I applied these settings to the SYSTEM Variables(registry) which seem to solve the problem when using the Windows Service in place of SERVER.BAT and menu items not showing up, and TN not working.

Although know we get a simular issue as mentioned in Article ID: 1611541908
The solution seems to suggest that a xerces.jar should exist in the jars directory below the WmModeler package.

I am wondering why there is no xerces.jar in the WMModeler jars? I also see no Modeler patches for IS version 6.1.

I have a xerces.jar in the WmTomcat\cade\jars and the \IntergrationServer\lib.

JAVA_DIR=D:\webMethods6\IntergrationServer\jvm which is what was being set by the server.bat file. There is no xerces.jar in this directory.

I still have the issue. Should I move a copy into WmModeler\code\jars ?


Sorry to side track you, but maybe the first suggestiong will be one way to solve this links problem anyway.

Rob - what system are you running your IS on and what IS is it?


i was trying to run the achive service 6.5 , iam facing the problem nullpointer exception . could you please suggest me on this.