Java function calls- putting it all together


I am trying to use QuiP’s new Java Function Call capability. I did look at both and I do understand how they are supposed to work.

I also have a simple program that creates a QuiPConnection to a XML file, executes a XQuery on that XML and returns the result.

I understand these two pieces SEPARATELY. What I don’t know is how to put them together.

DriverManager.getConnection() requires a URL as parameter to the connection. In my case I don’t have that as I have the XML stored in a LOCAL “Element” (that’s why I want to use the java function calls), so I don’t know how to call getConnection() for this case.

Also, in javaCalls.xquery, there is an xquery:


but there also are included some function definitions. Where do I put those funtion definitions? They are used in the XQuery, but they can’t be PART of the XQuery … That’s how I understand it.

If someone could help me put these things together I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,

PS. The new QuiP release doesn’t have the documentation for the API included. Can I get that documentation from somewhere?