Java Events (Jmon) and JMS Correlator - Integrated Adapter

Hi, I am new to Apama.

I was able to connect to Universal Messaging’s topic to Apama using JMS integrated adapter. However, this integration approach used EPL events.

  1. I would like to know if there is a way to map topic to a Java (Jmon) event. The dialog box lists only EPL events to pick from.

  2. If (1) is not possible, can one of you point me to how Java (Jmon) monitor can be used to receive incoming events from a JMS provider?


It should be possible with a JMS Adapter. I am referring to [JMS → Event → Java] conversion. I am not sure if the JMS Adapter supports Java out of the box, or if there is a Jmon library for UM. Hope this helps!


Yes you can absolutely use JMON with Correlator-JMS. although as most people prefer to use the EPL language over JMON (it’s more powerful and easy to use for most use cases, and of course you can call Java plugins from EPL if you need Java without JMON) there’s a manual step you need to perform - which is to create a .mon EPL representation of your JMON event definitions.

btw This is also the pattern people follow when they want to write part of their application in EPL and part of it in JMON - once you’ve specified each event definition in both langauges (this is a manual step) you can use them from either.