JAVA Client for AuditRecords not working

Hi Guys,

seems like the JAVA Client for the AuditRecords API is not working. When I try to get a page I always get an empty page. It doesn’t matter if I use the getAuditRecordsByFilter() or getAuditRecords() method. Both return an empty result set. When I query the API using Postman I get a lot of entries on the same tenant!

When I try to fetch only one AuditRecord using the GId I get an API error:

    "Name": "com.cumulocity.sdk.client.SDKException",
    "Message": "Http status code: 500\n{error=\"general/internalError\",message=\"Failed to evaluate expression 'hasRole('ROLE_AUDIT_READ') or hasDevicePermission(this.auditManagementService.findById(, 'AUDIT', 'READ')' : EL1008E:(pos 30): Property or field 'id' cannot be found on object of type '' - maybe not public?\",info=\"\",details=\"null\"}",
    "StackTrace": [

Same request using Postman works as well. Can anyone confirm that bug?

@florian.gopp are you still getting this error? If yes, can you share your tenant details?