Java Adapters: How to specify Data Types in Operation Editor


We need to know what the string identifiers are for specifying the data-types of input and output fields for configured operations in the operation editor. We can only find examples of “unicode_string” and “integer”. In particular we need to know about date, boolean and struct.

An example is as follows (using unicode_string):

private String inputField1 = “customerID”;

public String getInputField1() {

    return inputField1;

public void setInputField1(String name) {

    this.inputField1 = name;

private String ucStringFieldType = “unicode_string”;

public String getUcStringFieldType() {

    return ucStringFieldType;

d.setNamespace(“inputField1”, AdapterDescriptor.INPUT_FIELD_NAMES, new String[] { “ucStringFieldType” });

What do we replace the string “unicode_string” with to set the field to be Brokerdate, Boolean or struct?? Does anyone know where in the documentation these are listed??

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!