ITU.0001.0001 when using pub.list:appendToDocumentList

Maybe this one helps more: [ISC.0049.9027] Error at pub.list:appendToDocumentList - Transformers cannot loop over list elements
what transformer should I use???
input is a Document and Output a Document List. Why is this a problem???

Dear all,

I try to create a new mapping for IDOC MATMAS05 in webM 6.5
To append two times the segment E1MARAMM I thought of using good old “appendToRecordList” service for the second segment.
I was really shocked that this service depricated long time ago but new “pub.list:appendToDocumentList” looks really similar.

Using it in the same way I get this error message (what does not really help):

An error occurred while tracing.
[ITU.0001.0001] An internal error has been encountered.

Please, does anyone know this service / special behaviour. Older threads did not help me.

I’m completely lost.

Thanks for your help.



appendToDocumentList is exactly the same as appendToRecordList–just a name change.

When I encounter this internal error I usually delete the loop and start over. Sometimes editing pipelines vars, particularly changing var names, can cause things to be confused.

Hi Reamon, thanks for the answer. I will open a new thread because I think my title and description is a bit missleading.