it possible to publish document from Integartion server 1 to Integration server2?

If we are having Broker1 in Integartion server1 and Broker2 in Integration server 2.Is it possible to publish document from Integartion server 1 to Integration server2?

Hi Manohar,

yes, this is possible.

Depending on how the 2 Brokers are allowed to know about each others DocTypes there are several possibilties:
When they can share all the doc types, just put the 2 brokers in a common territory or cluster.
When they should only share the neccessary doc types, put each broker in its own territory or cluster, but both brokers need to use the same type (either cluster or territory) here. Then establish a Gateway between the two clusters or territories and define the doc types which can be exchanged over this gateway.

See Broker Administrators Guide for further informations about this.


…or just create a remote alias of server 2 in server 1 and then use remote:invoke. The doc type must be known on the server 2 for this.


this depends on where server 1 and server 2 are located.

If they are in the same datacenter (or not too far away from each other), pub.remote:invoke might be an option.
For long distances it is more reliable to use the gateway approach as this reduces the risk for loss of messages.


The advantage of remote:invoke is that you immediately get an exception if something goes wrong (this does not depend on the “distance” between servers), and can take appropriate actions. If the message forwarding is done in the Broker, I’m not sure how to detect failures.


Please leverage webMethods Broker and go for publish-subscribe design. This way you decouple integrations and design is async. You will not be impacted if the consumer IS goes down and you can continue processing documents after outage.

I am sure there are multiple ways this can be achieved but pub-sub is a very powerful and simple design.

Ashish Bania

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