IStoIS via VIP Round Robin fashion

Hi All,

Can someone help me. I am trying to test the communication between ISs having a VIP in between. So, I have a client package on IS A, and the server package on 4 different ISs. The VIP is “dm3.eai”. The problem I have is that all the requests are going to the same server though the VIP is configured to serve the requests in round robin fashion. Where as when I tried to send requests from the normal java webservice client, the VIP passes the requests to the servers in round robin fashion. I don’t know what the difference is, however I presume there is a session maintained in the client IS A. Any idea what the problem is ? Your help is much appreciated.


Check the IS JVM name resolution TTL settings. The default of a JVM is to cache a name resolution forever. So once dm3.eai is resolved to an IP, that IP is used for the life of the JVM. Perhaps the reason your java web service client worked the way you wanted is that it’s launched, does its thing and then exits–thus the name resolution is performed for each execution.

The property you’ll want to set is networkaddress.cache.ttl. Do a Google search for that and you’ll find info about how to set it. You can either disable caching or set the ttl relatively low (1 minute).