Issues with Java Spring Boot Webservices when using with JDK 13 or 14

I’m started palying around with java based spring boot web services example given in the document “iptracker-microservice
[u]Examples - Cumulocity IoT Guides
I’m using jdk 13 as per the document and I’ve tried with below different platfrom versions in my project’s pom.xml file but end up with lots of errors.

further I’ve investigated on the clients-java.pom.xml files (Actually importing them from project Pom file) under [u][/u] respective reverenced for ex : clients-java-1006.5.0.pom.xml which is actually referring a static jdk 1.8 as shown as :<java.version>1.8</java.version>
I’m thinking this conflicting with my orginal java version(jdk 13). Because of this conflict whenever I comipiling my code via Maven, I’m getting lots of exceptions.

is it a bug with the clients-java-1006.7.0.pom fie or I’m missing something here? Please advsie.

Nirmal Dhanaraj

Can you try first with JDK 1.8 and see if micro service runs successfully. Once it run correctly . try changing the JDK version to 13 .

I tested it with JDK 8 and it is running successfully.