Issues while invoking the Service:"getDocumentTypeInfo" in WmBrokerAdmin package.


I would like to dispaly the canonical structure in a dsp page as similar to the structure that it was showing in BrokerAdmin page->Document Types.

I tried “” service in WmBrokerAdmin package to retreive the canonical structure
.But it was showing the error “Error: no broker name entered”.

let know your comments on this issue, also let me know if any other service exists to retreive the broker canoncial structure.


Not sure this package has documentation about all these services :wink:

BUT before using “getDocumentTypeInfo” declare the string “brokerName” and “serverName” with the good values
and I think you should use “getDocumentType” instead of “getDocumentTypeInfo” in order to retrieve the “Document Folder/Type” available.
You also have to declare the string “scope” in order to go inside Document Folder or to retrieve details about the Document.

All the WmBrokerAdmin services, need brokerName and serverName fields, so make sure you are setting those fields in a map step before invoking those services