Issues in our ISs

Hi All,

We are getting the following error continuously in our ISs.

  1. “[286]2011-07-17 09:14:19 GMT [ISS.0137.0011E] Scheduler: Exception: Could not get connection”.
  2. “java.sql.SQLException: Could not get connection”.

Could you please let me know why this occurs and the solution. (I suspect its because of problems in connecting the internal DB)

Thanks in advance.

Yes this is a problem connecting DB. Increase the connection of jdbc pool. What is the DB are you using? What is min max setting for jdbc pool?

Hi Vinay,

I am using Oracle DB.min setting is 0 and max is 25.


What is IS version, DB? and how many tasks are you running. Just make min to 10 max to 70 and see the difference…