Issues Faced in Designer 8.2

Hello All,

Currently we are facing an issue in designer 8.2. While creating a new process model, we are using internal and external pools to define our organization and other organizations respectively. Now the issue is when we are including
any service step inside the internal pool , its not showing up in the Default Deployment Properties/Steps Enabled For
Resubmission tab.When we are creating a step outside the Internal Pool , its showing up in the resubmission tab.
Can anyone please let us know that is there any specific property we need to set so that the steps inside internal pool
also shows up for resubmission. Please see attached images.

Thanks and Regards
Abir Banerjee

Did you try this…
Process model that doesn’t have any internal pool defined, but just some activity steps. If you have internal pool defined, then keep the activity step inside the pool and not outside.


Hello Senthil, we have done all scenarios

1)case1 : took two steps outside internal pool,both steps showing in resubmit tab
2)case2 : took one step inside the internal pool and one step outside,only the outside step showing up.
3)case3 : took all the steps inside the internal pool,its not showing up.

Hi Abir, I believe that DES_8.2_SP2_Process_Fix2 addresses this issue.