Issue with Task Notification in 8.2

we are using in built task notification feature to send notification to users. I did as explained below

  1. I created a task notification in designer.
  2. Created an assignment and assigned to an uid and created a control set.
  3. Created a rule to send notification on queuing task, left the control set field blank.
  4. Dragged and dropped the task on the Process model and set the control set field.
  5. Created a subscription for the assigned user from Task List management page.

when I queue the task, the task is queued but the notification mail is not received. But the task audit shows that notification is published. to check if mail sending sending on MWS is working I sent a test mail from Email server portlet in MWS that worked fine.
Any one has any idea of how to get the task notification working.

Thanks in advance,

There are two things i’d recommend:

  1. Turn on debug log for the “notifications” category
  2. Ensure that the subscribing user has a valid email address (look at the user’s profile in MWS)

Hi Mimel,

Thanks for the reply.

for the second thing the email ids are correct.

for the first thing, I set logging level to debug in notification category in
Folders > Administrative Folders > Administration Dashboard > Analysis > Logging Configuration but I do not see any new logs but task audit logs show that notification is published. I tried after restarting aswell
Is this the right configuration i am looking at and do I need to make any further changes. Please advice.


Hi Sarat,

We also faced similar kind of problem for which the SoftwareAG has given a engineering fix.

Please contact SAG for the fix details. Once the fix was applied we were able to send the notifications.

Also please let me know that in the audit view of the task details do you see any step of the kind “Notification Published” with sysadmin user?

Hope this helps you

Gayathri G

Hi Gayathri,

Thank you for the response.

we would contact SAG for that issue.
and yes we also have notification published message in audit logs of task with sysadmin user.

Could you help with the notification logs mark was telling about in above post. I tried what I have explained above but I donot see any difference doyou have any idea about that?