Issue with Selection Box parameter in Extended Field Editing

When I tried the Selection Box parameter for the first time, The following error occured


1 #SB-1 (A2/1:6) CONST<‘A1’,‘A2’,‘A3’,‘A4’,‘A5’,‘A6’>
was defined in the program that called the INPUT USING MAP statement

AD= MDLT______ ZP= SG= HE= ‘JOSH-TI1’___________ RLS 0
AL= _____ CD= __ CV= MOD DATA
PM= __ DF= DY= _____________________
EM= __________________________ SB= #SB-1(*)____

This is the way I defined in the extended field editing . Could anyone help me out in this?

Hi Joseph,
Apparently, you did not specify your willing to have just 6 values; as such, your map assumes you want to have 10 occurrences (default).

To change this, you would have to go into Parameter Definition and change that 10 to 6 - that`s all:-)
Best of luck,

11:11:48 Field and Variable Definitions - Summary 2013-05-

Cmd Field Name (Truncated) Mod Format Ar Ru Lin C
___ #SB_________________________________________ U A2 2

±-------------------------- PARAMETER DEFINITIONS --------------------------
| Cmd Name of Parameter (Truncated) Format Ar
| __ #SB-1_________________________________________________ A2_________ Array
| __ ______________________________________________________ ___________
| __ ______________________________________________________ ___________
| __ ______________________________________________________ ___________
| __ ______________________________________________________ ___________
| __ ______________________________________________________ ___________
| __ ______________________________________________________ ___________
| __ ______________________________________________________ ___________
| __ ______________________________________________________ ___________
Help Mset Exit – Parm Local Let

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But where I need to change in Parameter definitions I didnt find the place . Please help me out :?

From option D on the map editor menu you select Parameters via PF9 or PF10.

(Or something like that. Sorry, haven’t been on a mainframe much in the last few years.)

Ralph is absolutely right - as always, by the way :slight_smile:
Joseph, you just have to follow his instructions:

  1. Hit “D” on this screen

                Code    Function
                ----    ---------------------------------
                  D     Field and Variable Definitions
                  E     Edit Map
                  O     Outline Editor
                  X     Migration of Maps created with KAPRI
                  I     Initialize new Map
                  H     Initialize a new Help Map
                  M     Maintenance of Profiles & Devices
                  S     Save Map
                  T     Test Map
                  W     Stow Map
                  ?     Help
                  .     Exit
          Code .. _     Name .. TK______       Profile .. D22KUHN

Command ===>

  1. then - PF9 (Parm)

Cmd Field Name (Truncated) Mod Format Ar Ru Lin Col
___ #SB_________________________________________ U A2 2 5

Help Mset Exit – Parm Local Let

Yea I already reached the parameter definition screen. But there in that screen I coudidnt know the place where I can enter 6 instead of 10.

Hi Joseph,
Just hit “A” on that last screen and change 10 to 6.

                         PARAMETER DEFINITIONS

Cmd Name of Param ARRAY DIMENSIONS at Ar
A_ #SB-1________ _______ A
__ _____________ Name #SB-1 _______

__ _____________ Dimension 1 Lower Bnds Upper Bnds _______

__ _____________ 1. Index 1__________ : 10__________ _______
__ _____________ 2. Index ___________ : ___________ _______
__ _____________ 3. Index ___________ : ___________ _______

Thanks Nicholay for helping me in this. Also could you please provide me with a list of commands that can be used there other than A

Help text is commonly available throughout Natural’s Integrated Development Environment (IDE). To invoke help, place the cursor on a field and press PF1, or type a question mark (?) in the first position of a modifiable field an press ENTER.

Help should be available via any field in the Cmd column.

Could not disagree less with Ralph; moreover (this is my personal opinion :slight_smile: while reading HELP system, one may discover a lot about many things (and sometimes even much more than he/she were initially looking for :slight_smile:

And this is the HELP reaction, Joseph, on my “PF1” key:

09:55:36 Field and Variable Definitions - Summary 2013-05-2

Cmd Field Name (Truncated) Mod Format Ar Ru Lin Co
___ #SB_________________________________________ U A2 2

Cmd Explanation

. Exit
– Top
A Define array
E Edit map field
Prr Process. rule
D Delete field

Help in Natural is very-very good in my opinion; practically, it is just like “…ask - and you shall receive”
as such, just THINK about HELP before asking another question :slight_smile:
Best of luck,