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The display of the push connection is not always correct. We have seen that the push connection is not displayed without any change on the device (although the client is subscribed and gets the commands) when we go to another web page and then back the push arrow becomes green again.
We use MQTT

By what the push arrow turns green. What is the Trigger for it?

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Question related to a free trial, or to a production (customer) instance?


From here: Device management - Cumulocity IoT Guides

Push connections

The bottom arrow represents the push connection (from Cumulocity IoT to the device). The status for the push connections may be one of:

  • Online (connection established)- indicated by a green arrow
  • Offline (connection not established) - indicated by a red arrow
  • Not monitored - indicated by a grey arrow

A push connection is an active HTTPS long poll connection to the /notification/operations API endpoint or an active MQTT connection to the MQTT endpoint of Cumulocity IoT. It is always green if the device is connected, even without data.


Connection monitoring is not real time. This means that the displayed connection status will not change immediately after switching off a device. Depending on the used protocol for push connection monitoring this can take a couple of minutes.

Especially the last part. So even the device is connected to MQTT and subscribed it might take a couple of seconds/minutes until this is reflected in the UI.

We have seen that our device is connected and the Arrow is green. During some time the arrow changes to grey without doing anything to the device.
We believe that is not designed behaviour?

If there is no issue (interruption etc.) with the connection from the agent to c8y and the agent is connected all the time via MQTT, it should not be grey, yes. You might raise a support ticket for this.
If you use REST it’s the same for the long polling request to /notification/operations

If my agent has issues the bottom arrow will go to gray after some minutes.

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