Issue with proxy setting in wM while integrating third parties

Hi All,

As part of the one of the Flat file integration solution ,we deliver the Flat file to the target system using the proprietary transport tool given by the partner.
We need to invoke the tool(.exe file)by 'makeSystemCall’Java service. This tool doesn’t have the provision to set up our proxy settings so that the call goes through the proxy server.
When we run the tool in the command prompt using the command cmd.exe /c E:\HRimport\HRImport.exe and explicitly set the proxy details in the Internet Explorer browser Tools->Internetoptions->Connections->LAN Settings, we could connect to the target system and place the file at the target system .The same command is not working through the webMethods ‘makeSystemCall’ Java service .
When we disable the proxy settings in the IE and run the same command through cmd.exe, then the delivery fails .
So we were just trying to understand which ‘user’ will webMethods use while executing the Java services.

What setting we need to do at wM inorder to bypass the proxy? or can we give the proxy settings in command line?

Any quick help is highly appreciated


Is the IS running as a Windows service or as a Sudo user (Unix) or as an Application? If it is running as a service or a Sudo user then find the service account with which it is running. Not sure about the running as an application though but most probably with the local account for that box.

This information should be provided to you by the third party application. Check with them to see if the tool will allow Command line arguments for Proxy settings or if it can read from a property file.


Thanks Akshith for the quick reply

webMethods Environment details

  • Operating System: Windows 2003
  • Application: webMethods Integration Server 7.1.2

IS is running as a windows service . Can you please give more informaiton on how to find the service account details

Type services.msc at the command prompt on the box where the IS is installed and then find the “Software AG webMethods Integration Server 8.0” service in the list and right click->properties → LogOn tab. That should show you the account (Local Account or a different account) with which the IS is running.