Issue with JDBC STRUCT Object while using stored procedure template...


I have to invoke a stored procedure which accepts a JDBC STRUCT OBJECT as Input.
As the adapter services doesn’t do internal type casting from java.lang.object to STRUCT object I tried to create a java.sql.struct object to pass as input to the adapter service but not succeeded yet.:frowning:

I was able to invoke the stored procedure via a java service by passing the oracle.sql.Struct object in the callable statement but in this way we are not able to use the adapter services.

Is there any java code/utility service available which I can use to create a java.sql.Struct object and pass as input to the stored procedure.

Any suggestions/advise will be appreciated.

We have similar issue with Stored procedure,

IS this issue resolved?

Did you get any Java util to convert object to java.sql.struct?

Your JDBC adapter is lacking a fix level. What is your current installed fix level.