Issue with Express Pipeline

I have disabled express pipe line in the process properties. So i should be able to get the pipeline in my sub processes, but which is not happening. Any thoughts on what could be the issue?


I have the same problem. Can’t access the variable in a downstream flow. (although i can see the ProccessData).

wm 6.1

I don’t know if I understood your problem correctly but here is my point of view :

I think enable/diseabling Express pipeline does not work through Modeler. It’ a known issue, there is probably a fix for it? which version of Modeler do you use?

You can also try changing the process properties directly in the config file in /IntegrationServer/packages/<package_name>/

I was using modeller 6.1.5.

Yes there maybe a fix. We are moving to 7.1 soon anyway, so hopefully I dont have to worry about it.