Issue with Dynamic Referencing

Hi Experts,

I am using dynamic reference step to invoke certain reference process and it’s able to fire off the reference ones as expected.

I use a publish step as the last step of child process to publish the return document to parent process. However, once the reference process returns successfully, in the parent process pipeline, all the previous existing data/documents are wiped out and left only with the returned on from child process. And I try to remove the publish step in the child process, then the parent process pipeline retains all the existing document but no returned ones. It seems to me that existing parent process pipeline doc cant co-exist with child process returned ones. More testing shows that static reference process has no such issue.

Can any one help me on this? Particularly, can anyone suggest me with a good practise using this dynamic referencing feature of WM8?

Great Thanks in advance!

Did you ever get a answer to this problem?
Would you care to share how you implemented dynamic referenced processes?
I need to “invoke” 1 to N different processes based on a single trigger.
I have tried to manually populate SubprocessModels with multiple documents but referenced process is never started.

Did you try using the Send Task in the referenced process instead of a publish service ?