Issue with API Gateway basic auth at provider end - routing policy

We are facing below issue while working with API Gateway routing policies.

When I am passing basic Auth credentials in header as “ Authorization Basic *******”, I am getting error from provider as “Access key not found”.

But when I am passing same username/password values using policy “Outbound Authentication-Transport -->Basic -->custom credentials it’s working as expected.(like hard coded inputs in gateway).

same provider request working fine with Postman with basic auth.

in some other scenario , i am validating Oauth in same manner where that one working fine.

facing issue in 10.3 gateway.

Hi Naresh,

Please check if you have “Identify & Authorize Application” policy configured in IAM stage with HTTP Basic authentication. In that case, API Gateway will remove the auth header before forwarding request to native server as the auth header is meant for API Gateway alone. You can override it using “Outbound Authentication-Transport -->Basic → Use incoming credentials" option.


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Hi vallab,

thank you for quick reply. issue is resolved now. my basic auth encoded username/password was going in multi line in backend. now after making changes in base64encode service, issue is resolved now.

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