Issue While Publishing JMS Message


Created JNDI provider alias with proper realm details (provider url), also test lookup successful
JMS alias created and selected above JNDI alias and enabled the same.
UM server is up and running and is connected to IS(Default).
Using UM enterprise manager created Queue and Connection factory (JNDI tab)
Server version: 9.9
Issue is :
Trying to publish JMS message using pub.jms:send

  • JMS alias, queue name and type passed as an input to above service.

Now, I have deleted JNDI configuration from IS and reset server cache.

issue is, I am still able to send JMS message to UM queue and able to subscribe from queue also.

when the JMS alia is disabled, getting error but in above scenario able to send JMS msg from IS without JNDI.

Changed CSQ to true/false and tried but still noticed same behavior.

not sure without JNDI alias how the pub/sub mechanism working, Please advise…!


Hello Sreekanth,

Please check whether you are getting queue in the JNDI of IS server.

Go to Messaging -->JNDI Setting> test the connection

you should be able to see the queue that you have created.

Also can you please share the error log that you are getting.


That looks like magic!

You should get an error “JMS send failed for alias XYZ: java.lang.NullPointerException” while sending a message to UM JMS Queue if you are using the connection alias XYZ if the associated JNDI alias is deleted from the IS.

Can you verify the JMS connection alias settings again?

Technically JNDI is just a discovery mechanism that facilitates the abstraction of the JMS provider.
Thus if you’ve done all the lookups and you have your JMS connection factory and the destination, you wouldn’t need the JNDI context anymore.

I’m not an expert in IS and I’m not quite sure what’s cached where, but I guess the behavior may be different depending on whether you have executed a successful send prior to deleting the JNDI alias.