Issue while debuging IS services?

Hi Guy’,
I have Local Integration Server 7.1 version installed in my system with below configuration details:-

Updates None
Build Number 124
SSL Strong (128-bit)
Java Version 1.5.0_12 (49.0)
OS Windows XP
OS Platform x86
OS Version 5.1
Java Data Model 32-bit
Java Build Info 1.5.0_12-b04, mixed mode

Any idea why i am getting this Exception?
Find the attached JPg for reference.

Rajesh J


Just go through this link for more info and get ur problem resolved.


Hi sreenathb1,

In advantage site it mention the resolution for this issue with fix
7.1.1 Server Protocol Fix 9 for integration server with version 7.1.1
basically i am using the IntegrationServer with version 7.1.2
is there any issue if i applied this fix to my IS 7.1.2 version ?


We also got this kind of issue in 7.1.2.

But we set some message for logout command, in FTP server side. that is resolved the issue.