Issue when debugging a process: [POP.002.0005] Unable to locate command: formFlowTaskNotify_ws

Dear all,

(I hope that this is the right forum to ask this)

Have anyone bumped on this error message?
[POP.002.0005] Unable to locate command: formFlowTaskNotify_ws

Below is the top of the stack trace message: [PRT.0101.9125] Service <snip>.Default:Approver1_InputMapService failed.
com.wm.util.BasisException: SOAPException( Server.generalException: [POP.002.0005] Unable to locate command: formFlowTaskNotify_ws; nested exception is:
	com.webmethods.portal.PortalException: [POP.002.0005] Unable to locate command: formFlowTaskNotify_ws )
	at com.wm.util.BasisRuntimeException.<init> (
	at<init> (
	at ...

I got this error when I was “process debugging” a freshly drawn process (laid out the steps, connected them, assigned the task types, and then debugged it).

This name, “formFlowTaskNotify”, does ring me a bell: I’ve played with the sample “Working with Task Work Flows (Form Flows)” [url][/url] quite a time ago, but I’m was not sure that it have anything with this. I looked the article again, but couldn’t find any place that any WS was set.

Besides this, I’m clueless.

Any idea is greatly appreciated.


The error points to MWS configuration & installation.

Do you have WmTaskClient on your IS? Have you configured MWS details in IS and vice-versa.



thank you very much on spending time of yours to check this.

I’ve checked the WmTaskClient configs (http://:/WmTaskClient/tc-settings.dsp) and they were fine.

But I accidentally solved this by starting the Designer with a brand-new workspace (without importing anything) and creating a new process from scratch. And this time, the process debug ran w/o a glitch…