Issue using invoke directive in HTTP Post

Hi I am not able post a HTTP post request to pub.xml.xmlStringToNode even when I set the post method parameter named “xmldata” and value to a sample xml string. But the response for http://host:port/invoke/folder/serviceName was xmldata,$filesteam are null and cannot invoke the service. But when I pass the values of the xmldata in the url itself it works example http://host:port/invoke/folder/serviceName?xmldata="<xmlstring>"

Can someone tell me how to send payload in the POST request with out using them in the URL. This will be a great help.

Also if anyone has the steps to create a REST based webService in ver 8.0 please let me know this will be a great help.

Thank you

Hi All,
I was able to find out the solution on how to use the invoke directive to send and receive XML requests and response. Below are the steps, I am sure most of you know this already, i am new to wM so wanted to put it here.

Below are the steps

  1. queryXMLNode(When you post a XML String in HTTP post IS converts the XMLString to a Node - Got this from one of the other threads in wMUsers.
  2. queryXMLNode
    3.Now you the values you needed for your flow logic if there is any
    4.Then map desired output to your Response document(IData)
    5.use setResponse and setReponseCode - This will set the response document
    6.The HTTP client will receive the XML response and reponseCode.

Note:- Still did not find a good document on REST based service in wM if anyone has it please forward it.