Issue Regarding publishing and subscribibg Documents after

i created two territories and then the broker gateway, the connection went on fine and there were a few documents which were shown to me when i hooked up client groups which were added automatically in “can publish” and “can subscribe” list… then i published a new document on one side of gateway…however it was not shared on the other side…
however when i tried to hook the two brokers again…the following exception was thrown :

     Error : The following Exception was thrown : The document type wm::is::GatewayTest::Docs::MyDocPublish cannot be synchronized with the other territory because it doesnot exist in the other territory

theoretically i know the documents will be shared on both sides of the gateway…and i have seen them in territories that they get shared…no matter whether you create socuments before creating a territory or afterwards…but tell me what is the practical criteria for gateways??? are documents shared automatically or is there be any other condition which must be met…why all older documents were shared and not this???

and above all…what if there exists a broker gateway and i decide to publish another document…what will happen??? how will i synchronize???

You need to configure the Gateway on which documents can be shared… (forwarding and receiving)

Keep in mind that joining Brokers via territories and gateways is not same as clustering. Its main purpose is to create independent “zones” but allow some information/document types to be shared. Think of the Gateway as a firewall and Territory as a subnet.

Therefore, creating a doc type in one territory will not automatically create it in another territory.