Issue on COM.activesw.api.client.BrokerConnectionDescriptor.setSSLCertificate

As new architect, we have to migrate all services from WM65 to WM71. However the issues happened. one of the issue is that, we have an tools to create and manage broker client.

In WM65, the service use COM.activesw.api.client.BrokerConnectionDescriptor.setSSLCertificate(String certificate_file,
String password,
String distinguished_name)
,and we locate the certificate file(.cer) in local server, but in WM7, the methods has been changed to
BrokerSSLCertificate setSSLCertificate(
String keystore_file,
String truststore_file,
KeystoreType keystore_type,
TruststoreType truststore_type,
String password)

how do we update the code with this new methods? do we need add other certificate file?

You’ll want to become familiar with the supported types of keystore such as Java Keystores (JKS) and the utilities used to create them and to view their contents. These range from simple command-line based tools provided by the JVM vendor, to graphical utilities provided by an application vendor to stand-alone graphical apps designed to manage keystores such as the open-source Portecle.

In general, multiple keys and certs can be stored in a keystore. Keys and certs can have aliases and the keystore is usually password-protected.

You’ll need to create a keystore and truststore, place your keys and certs in the correct places and then specify that information in the new BrokerSSLCertificate.setSSLCertificate() API call.

Why do this? Keystores, if configured properly, are more secure and reduce the risk that unprotected private keys will get into the wrong hands.

Hope this helps,