Issue in using complex gateways


I have the process as shown above with the BalanceAvailable as false and Status as accepted .The complex condition which i have given is as below and this process hangs…
(Transition-From-InformHO and Transition-From-Task1) or (Transition-From-Gateway1 and Transition-From-Task1)

But on the other hand in the below process this works

Can any experts tell me why is this so… How can I make a Reject transition from Task1 to a step before it… Please help !!

By looking at your process models, i dont think you would need a complex gateway in your process. Is there any specific reason for using it.
Task1 is service execution step which is invoked when balanceAvailable is true or false.
You can simply put this step (task 1) outside the gateway (before Gateway1) and have exclusive gateway after this step to take either of the two steps. If status is reject after task 1, you can navigate it to CreatePR step without having to enter gateway.

Hi Mervin

The task1 step is actually not a service step in the actual process. Its the a task step and the user needs it to be a parallel task along with Inform HO. I am attaching the original process below.

Not sure why complex gateway is not working. You can try one of the below alternative

  1. Replace complex gateway with Inclusive gateway (sychronized OR).
    2.Add a excusive gateway after task1 and navigate to Gateway2 or Create PR from this new step based on status.
    let me know how it goes

Hi Sajeevan,

Please let us know the transition logic(s) you have written for complex gateway.