Issue in Passing STRUCT Datatype input in StoredProcedure in WM8.1

Hello Team,

We face a challenge while passing inputs to a Stored procedure present in oracle 11. One of the input Parameters of the StoredProc expect “STRUCT” JDBC type values to be passed to it. The corresponding Input Field Type is “java.sql.struct”. We need to do the following:

a) The documentation specifies what needs to be done only when STRUCT datatype is in OUT params of SP. It doesnt mention on how to handle it when we hve to pass a documentlist as a input to StoredProc.

b) Is there a step by which we can pass a doucmentlist or stringlist to the ‘STRUCT’ INPUT param of the StoredProc.

We use IS: 8.0.1.
JDBC adapter: 6.5