issue in loading the remote portlet using simple portlet link

Hi all,

I have used simple portlet link from portlet A and portlet B, where inside that i have used 2 extended portlet URL for the Base and portlet to pass the portlet parameters from portlet A to portlet B. these links will dome based on some search results where i have more than one links.

Wiring is also done since bothe portlets are residing in the different projects.


In portlet B i have several portlet includes, all the ones are hideable panels.

In portlet A, if I click on the the link portlet b opens in a new window with all the panels closed. then I click to open any of the panels, it will be opened state and i ll close the portlet B window.

If I click another link in my portlet A, new window opens, but the panel which i have opened for the first time is also opend.

Solution I need: I need the panels closed for eveery time.

Solution I tried:

Reset option in the Extended portlet URL - didn’t worked.
forcefully closing the panels every time.

Help me to resolve the issue.