Issue in Client Queue

Hi All,

If some documents are there in the client queue and the properties of the Trigger changed then will the Trigger process those docs pending in the Client Queue.

Is the answer documented anywhere by WebMethods

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I think it depends on the nature of the change. There are some changes that cause the subscription to be dropped, and thus the client queue to be destroyed (queued messages included). I’m not sure if the docs cover the specifics. I recall that IS sometimes warns about the queue being destroyed but I’m not entirely sure about that.

You’re right to be cautious, if you don’t want to lose messages. If you can’t find the info in the IS or Broker docs it might be worth a call to wM tech support.

Hi Rob,

Can we change the properties of the Trigger after suspending(does not destroy the client queue, Broker continues to queue Trigger documents) i am not sure about this?


You can get more information on what rob told is in “Publish-Subscribe Developers Guide” - Setting Trigger Properties

Thanks In Advance

I’m not sure either. I do know that some changes recreate the queue regardless of its active/suspend state.