Issue in Calling flow services asynchronously using jms

i need to call call flow 3 services in parallel and consolidate their responses at the end.
I have 3 request queue, 3 response queue and 3 triggers for each of parallel call.
pub.jms:sendandwait to post messages and pub.jms:waitoforreply to receive messages from queue

Problem here is, i am able to receive response only when sendandwait and waitforreply call consecutively.
If i trigger 2 sendandwait and after that i add 2 waitforreply i am not able to receive response.

is this how will it work? what do i need to do to achieve my requirement?

Hi Vignesh,

does it really need to be parallel or can you call the 3 services in sequence and then aggregate the responses?

sendandwait will immediately wait for the reply.

Is it possible to just send the messages and then waitforreply for their responses?

Check IS Built-In-Services Reference for pub.publish-Folder for further informations.


Hi Holger,

Thanks for your response!.

i need one clarification in pub.publish. can we nest the publish call.say,
from main - publish to call subserv 1 and subserv2
from subserv 1 publish to call subserv1a and subserv1b
consolidate subserv1a and 1b in subserv1
finally consolidate subserv1 and subserv2 in main

will there be issue in implementing this?