Issue creating "select" jdbc adapter with SYNONYM table type

Hi… I created a jdbc select adapter on a table of type “SYNONYM”. here i am not getting the option of “fill in all columns” in select tab. when i inquired about this I got two solutions.

  1. For table type SYNONYM, use custom SQL only
  2. create the select adapter on the original table, fill in all the columns in ‘select’ tab later point the adapter to the SYNONYM table.

Advice me if these are the only solutions available? or which is the best practice.

I am using 6.5 version.

Can Anyone pls advice me on the above issue

Hi Venky,
did you find any solution for this ? I am facing similar issue with wMJDBC Adapter V 6.5

HI Siva/Venky,
Please use ojdbc14.jar and ojdbc5.jar instead of Classes12.jar. It should resolve this issue.

Ah! It would’ve been nice to see a solution for this. We’re having the same issue. Custom SQL appears to be the only solution so far.

IS 7.1.2; JDBC Adapter 6.5; ojdbc6.jar